Moba Coins Proof: How To Get Free Mobage Coins

Mobage doubles up as a portal for mobile gaming enthusiasts and a social network. The Mobage network is owned by DeNa, a Japanese company and it provides mobile game developers with a platform for sharing their games with gamers. Anyone can access and download Mobage and its games from any country except Japan, Brazil and South Korea. One of the things that made the Mobage network so popular is the wide variety of games available for download on the platform.

The beauty of Mobage is that it is not restricted to a single platform and neither are its uses restricted to playing mobile games. It lets gamers from all over the web meet new acquaintances, transact in virtual Moba currency, compete in various competitions and discover new games. You only need to log in with one ID to access all your games on the platform. This benefits both mobile game developers and gamers. The developers have access to a global audience and a simplified, yet reliable payment system that uses Moba coins.

There is no doubt that playing games through the popular Mobage network can be very thrilling. But sooner or later, you will run into the problem of not having enough Mobage coins to spend on various items within the network. Due to the immense popularity of the Mobage network in addition to the many other benefits , developers have created and posted a large collection of mobile games. The games are available for both android and IOS devices in practically every imaginable genre including arcade, puzzle, casino, role playing, sports games, simulations, board games and strategy. This means that gamers are guaranteed to find something they would fall in love with no matter what their preferences are.

What are Mobage coins

This is the premium currency used on the Mobage network. Moba coins can be used to buy a variety of special items within all the games available on the Mobage platform in order to improve your game play, expand your empires etc. What makes Mobage coins so cool is that gamers only ever need to make a single transaction with Mobage instead of having to make a separate transaction through Google checkout whenever they feel need to purchase items in every individual game they play.

Moba coins were also introduced to ensure that gamers only have to deal with a single publisher (DeNa) rather than transact with a different one with every game they play on the platform. This is a straightforward approach that makes Moba coins one of the safest, most secure and convenient ways of purchasing premium content for mobile games.

Do I need Free Moba Coins? How can I get them?

The Mobage platform has thousands of mobile games across virtually all genes to choose from. While most of the games are free and rely on in-game ads for revenue, there are many premium ones that you have to pay to download, play, purchase in-game items or unlock new features and levels that add the thrill to game play. This is where Moba coins come in.

There are variety of methods you can use to get free Moba coins. Mobage occasionally gives away new Free coins for members on trial or via Facebook giveaways. You will have to navigate to their Facebook page and like it. But there are other more reliable ways of getting free Mobage coins than relying on the official Mobage lottery also known as a Moba coin hack, the Mobage coin generator is an online tool that you can utilize to add up to 5, 000 free coins to your Mobage account. The best part is that you are only required to fill a few surveys and you won’t be restricted to just one method of obtaining Mobage coins but three. Follows any of the procedures outlined below to get the coins.

Method 1

1. Visit this page You will notice a blue box with the Mobage coins generator at the top of page.

2. You now need to unlock the coin generator box by selecting a suitable survey from the displayed list and completing it. In case the displayed surveys don’t work for you, simply hit the “reload” button to display new surveys. You should also hit this button in case the offers displayed cannot be completed from your location. Remember to keep the tab open till the offer is completed.

3.Once you complete a single offer, the Moba coin generator will be unlocked. You now only need to click on the “generate” button to get 5000 Moba coins.

Method 2

This method lets you download a small text file contained the codes to the Moba coins. Here is what you need to do:-

1. Look for the link located right above the Moba coin generator box at and click on it.

2. A download page will be opened in a new tab. To download the file with the Moba coins, you only have to select and complete a short survey. The system will automatically generate the download link when you complete the survey.

Method 3

In case you are unable to complete any of the surveys in method 1 due to geographical restrictions or you just don’t care for them, then you try this alternative way of getting free Moba coins. Just follow the procedure outlined below:

1. Click on the Mobage button located just below the mobage coins generator.

2. On the new page, ( select any of the offers and complete it in a new tab without closing the original page. This is called Postback. (seriously, google for Postback)

3. Once you complete the survey, simply go back to the generator page to get your unlocked Moba coins code.

Wrapping up

There is no doubt that the Mobage coins generator offers the smartest way of getting Moba coins for free. You do not have to download the tool, hence you do not have to worry about unwittingly installing mal-ware onto your PC. The procedures are all easy to follow and implement and the generator produces Moba coins for your account within a few seconds. You will be doing your friends and gaming partners a huge favor by sharing this secret with them.