How To Get Free Mobage Coins

Playing mobile games through the uber popular mobage network can be incredibly fun. But invariably there is the challenge of not having enough mobage coins to spend. Luckily, there is a simple process to generate free moba coins for your mobage account. Below you can learn how to use a free mobage coins generator in order to build up your account and enjoy these games to the fullest.

What Is Mobage?

Mobage is both a social network and portal for mobile gamers. The Mobage network provides a platform for developers so that they can easily share their games with players. Mobage is owned by the Japanese company DeNA and currently has more than 30 million users in its network. The platform was originally only available in Japan, but has since expanded to China, United States, and Taiwan. One of the features of Mobage games that make them even more fun is the ability to purchase moba coins which can then be added to your mobage account. These moba coins can be used across any of the thousands of mobage games which are currently available.

How Can You Get Free Mobage Coins?

There are a number of different ways that you can get free mobage coins. Sometimes mobage will give away free coins for trying their games or will run Facebook competitions. However, the easiest way to obtain free mobage coins is using what is called a mobage coin generator. A Mobage coins generator, also known as a Mobage coin hack, is an online tool that is used to add moba coins to your mobage account. The advantage of using a mobage coin generator is that you don’t need to buy these coins.

How Can Mobage Coins Be Used?

The coins generated by the mobage coin generator can be used in any mobage game. One of the key advantages of using a mobage coin generator is that it updates automatically when there are any changes in a mobage game.

How To Use The Mobage Generator?

When you first first the free mobage coins generator you will be given the option to share the tool with your friends on various social networks. This allows your friends to be aware that there is a free tool that they can use to generate coins for their mobage games. This sharing options is available for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. If you don’t wish to share the game with your social network you can simply wait for the tool to load.

Once the tool has loaded you will then then to complete a short survey before running the tool. This is to ensure that your a human user and not a bot. Once you have completed this survey you simply need to run the tool. Enter your mobage user name and the select the coins that you want to have added to your account. Wait a few moments and then check your mobage account. You will see that the mobage coins have been added to your account.

What Are The Benefits of Mobage Games?

As already mentioned there are some hugely popular games on the Mobage network. However, there are other advantages to using the network as well. Mobage isn’t limited to any one platform. It allows gamers from all over the world to make friends, to buy the virtual moba coin currency, discover new games and to compete in different competitions. The ability to easily discover fun new games is one of the major attractions to the Mobage network.

Players who use the Mobage network can login into games using a single identity. This is advantageous for both gamers and developers. It allows players to use their moba coins across the wide range of games offered through the network. For developers it provides a global audience and a simplified payment system using the moba coins.

Because of the benefits of using the network for developers it has quickly amassed a large collection of games. There are games available for both the iOS and android systems. There are games available in virtually every genre including brain puzzle, arcade, action, casino, roleplaying, strategy, sports games and simulations. No matter what type of game that you enjoy you can find it on Mobage and there are new games constantly being released.

History Of Mobage Games

Mobage was originally launched in Japan by the company DeNA. By the time it expanded into the American market through its subsidiary Ngmoco it was already generating more than $1.3 billion in revenue. Before entering into the US market it acquired for $403 million the San Francisco company Ngmoco in August of 2011. The new combined company used Ngmoco’s ngcore technology and integrated it with Mobage’s existing technology for English speaking gamers. Mobage is currently available in Japan, U.S. And China where it competes with companies such as the Apple Game Center, Gree. And Electronic Arts Origin service.

Popular Games On The Mobage Network

There is a huge variety to the games that are available through the Mobage network. You can use your moba coins in any of the games that use the mobage platform. One very popular game is Marvel: War of Heroes. This is the only office mobile card battle game for the Marvel Universe. The games allows you to create you own line-up of Marvel super heroes including Spider Man. Iron Man and the Hulk. The game also features original artwork produce from Marvel’s own artists. Another popular card game on mobage is Rage of Bahamut. This game was launched in February of 2012 and quickly became the no.1 game for sixteen consecutive weeks on Google Play. Rage of Bahamut is a fantasy adventure game which allows you to choose between Man, Demon and Gods cards. Transformers Legends allows you to assemble your own powerful team of transformers and use them to do battle with your friends. The game includes over a hundred different transformers to choose from as you create your team.


Using a Mobage coins generator is the smart way to get free moba coins. It’s simple to use, completely safe and can generate moba coins for your account in seconds. And don’t forget to do your mobage friends a favor and share the tool with your own social network.